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Vegan wines - Is all wine vegan?

Let’s get straight to it… is wine vegan?

You may believe that all wine is vegan. However that is not always the case. we know hold the view that all wine (especially red wine) is vegan friendly. If wine is a simple process of pressing and fermenting grapes, how does a wine become non-vegan?

It’s all down to the techniques in the winery and specifically a process called ‘fining’. All wines are generally cloudy and full of unsightly ‘bits’ (mainly harmless tartrates and tannins) when first produced. If left for a long time most wines will ‘self-fine’ and become the attractive liquids, we know and love. However, most producers don’t have that time so they add traditional ‘fining agents’ that will clear the wine much more quickly. Traditionally the effective fining agents can include animal products making them a no for the vegan drinker. For red wine in particular, this is most often egg whites, milk protein, fish oils or gelatine.

New Vegan wine making techniques.

Thankfully, due to the increasing demand for vegan and organic wines the winemaking community has adapted and are increasingly using animal-friendly fining agents, including clay, limestone and vegetable plaques.

How to know you are getting a vegan friendly red wine?

Sadly, this is still the tricky bit. Due to the fact that the fining agents are processing agents as opposed to additives then it’s not always a requirement to outline on the bottle. Again thankfully, a lot of winemakers are now taking the trouble to clearly state if their wines are Vegan friendly or not.


At Brightside Wines we have done our best to identify for you on the site which of our wines are OK to drink if you are a Vegan and we will always do so.

Shop vegan wines.


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